Omnipotent Musical Sound Converter

Omnipotent Musical Sound Converter

Audio Conversion Device, 2017

Omnipotent Musical Sound Converter is a set of real-time audio conversion device. It collects surrounding environment sounds and converts different frequencies into different pitches in real time and inputs them into a variety of timbres for performance. This set of converter acts as a noise-receiving interface, it builds a bridge between noise and music. This work tries a new way to generate music, It inputs environment sounds and converts useless noises into musical sounds.

In Taipei, I stood in the middle of a crossroads, it turned the sound of motorcycles into a piece of music with some aboriginal flavor.

Musical Instruments: Flute, Pestle, Bass

In Shanghai, I boarded a sightseeing boat on the Bund, it converted the sound of waves into a somewhat bleak piano piece.

Musical Instrument: Piano

In Beijing, I came to the subway station at rush hour, it changed the noise of the crowd into a lively Peking Opera percussion.

Musical Instruments: Clappers, Gongs, Cymbals

In New York, I came to Central Park, it transformed the environmental sounds and the voices of park visitors into a jazz song.

Musical Instruments: Trombone, Piano, Bass, Drum Kit

Finally, the music, generated by the converters in different cities with the timbre of local instruments, was made into an album.