Three Hundred Cups but One Gulp

Three Hundred Cups but One Gulp

Real Time Data Installation, 2018

Every year, climate, rain, temperature, and humidity create a unique wine. It is the participation of these unstable variables that makes every drop of wine different.

The wine contained in the ball is passed through a hose to the distillation tank, so that the wine in the distillation tank is maintained at a constant position for distillation.

The program is connected to the environmental conditions in the Cognac area. The real-time data is used to influence the temperature of the distillation tanks on the left and right sides of the installation and to control the dripping of the distilled wine, and finally into the bottle of Hennessy. Throughout the distillation process, every drop of wine comes from life and is a natural extract.

The program reads the environmental data of the Cognac area in real time

This work was created for the Tmall × Hennessy exhibition 'Dionysus is Back', which was exhibited in Post Mountain Art Space from August 28th to September 2nd, 2018.