View Exchange Plan

View Exchange Plan No.1

Transmedia, 2017

I invited one of my roommates at the school to exchange views with me. We used the other side's perspective to walk from the dormitory to the teaching building. The road we walked through every day became completely different: once one of us turn the head to the normal direction of walking, the other person will lose his sight. This rule makes us always look at each other to get the vision, but we're inconvenient to look at each other when wewalking. I recorded the small contradiction in this rule.

Tehching Hsieh once used a rope to tie himself to another artist, and I tied us together with a perspective: despite the route is familiar, behavior was changed by unconventional perspectives.

View Exchange is Through FaceTime

View Exchange Plan No.2

Transmedia, 2017

Last time I exchanged views with my roommates at school, I wanted to continue trying in an unfamiliar scene. A friend and I came out of the house to MoMA with glasses showing the other's perspective. Since we can't record in the exhibition hall, we walked in the garden on the first floor.

Except for the unconventional perspective, the experience in the process gives me more insecurities, because I can't choose my own perspective as in the game. My perspective is completely controlled by another glasses. The sight may suddenly shift to the left when I moving forward. This experience is very interesting; in addition, the real-time transmission of the view has some slight delay, which adds some insecurities. Just like the previous work A Football Game in an Aerial View, we are like two character models in a game. We control the movement of our characters in the perspective of each other.